After going through the stages of pregnancy, going through long hours of labor, you finally meet your adorable baby. Congratulations!! You’re officially a mother. Oh, the joy that comes with you becoming a mother can’t even be explained…it can only be felt.

The next stage is postpartum recovery. This is also another process on its own. Your body has completely changed from what it used to be. You’re now faced with recovering.

No matter how you had your baby, be it through a vaginal birth or through a caesarean section, one thing is for sure, you need the first six weeks to recover your “stressed body”. However, recovery rates differ in women. Yours may feel longer. Don’t be depressed about it, neither should you compare your recovery process with another mom’s. It is a gradual process.

Here are five recovery tips to help you speed up your delivery so you can heal & feel better in time.


It’s very important you don’t miss out on your appointments after you have your baby. Follow ups are important. For instance, a csection mom has to be very careful because she’s still bleeding and her wounds are yet to fully heal. There could be large clots or postpartum hemorrhage. Don’t make assumptions,keep going for checkups until you’re certified okay by your doctor.


You need a lot of strength after you deliver. You have to eat healthy so as to prevent constipation. Don’t forget to include fruits & vegetables in your meal. Since you’re also going to be breastfeeding, you need to eat really well.


This is very essential. You deserve all the rest you can get . Don’t even feel guilty about it for a second. You need as much rest as possible to keep your body re-energized. Your brain needs to be well stimulated & able to process a lot of things.


The changes that come with pregnancy are mostly drastic changes and most new moms find it hard to accept their new bodies. Be kind to your body & don’t be under any pressure. There is every tendency that your hair, feet size, skin, complexion, nails, nose etc might change. Remember it took your body about 9 months to change, so give it enough time to return..maybe another 9 months.


Most moms swear by exercises. Some vouch for kegels. One thing is for certain, excercises will definitely help you to firm the “looseness” your body has experienced. However, get into exercises gradually and if you’re a csection mom , consult first with your doctor.

Did you find this useful? Which of these helped you recover?

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  1. Machi

    Mine was REST. I could remember everyone telling me to rest and eat well. And I really did that. Lol. This is so educative, thanks for the post.

    1. adminmomandkid

      You’re welcome ma. I completely agree with all of them. Adequate rest is very essential because the body has gone through a lot of stress.

  2. Eunice

    Thanks for the tips momma.

    1. adminmomandkid

      You’re welcome momma.

  3. Sara

    I definitely would say being kind to my body….I thought the snap back would come almost immediately…9 months later and I am still a work in progress.

    1. adminmomandkid

      Yes, it actually takes time for the body to get back into shape for some. Others are lucky with their body type, so snapback is easier.for them. However, remember that it took your body about 9 months to ”stretch”, so it’s advisable to give your body another 9 months to recover. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

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