It is always advisable to have an open mind when it comes to motherhood… i say this because, sometimes, the things we wish for might not always come as we thought it would or as we planned.

After I had my daughter, I was still recovering & my breastmilk wasn’t flowing. The hospital I had her in, had meal plans for patients so meals weren’t brought from outside. As a result, I couldn’t take pap or anything to influence my breastmilk flow.

The hospital asked for formula to be bought for her feeding. That’s how the journey of my daughter being “formula-fed” started.

After i was discharged, my breastmilk started to flow, but my daughter had gotten so used to the formula that she refused to take breastmilk. You can imagine how sad and worried I felt!!! I had learnt all through my antenatal classes that “you must exclusively breastfeed your child for the 1st six months”. You know how those nurses & matrons “instill” fear in you about the dangers your baby is exposed to if not exclusively breastfed?

After several trials, she would take breastmilk and compliment with formula. This went on till she was about five months and then she wasn’t interested in taking breastmilk anymore. She started taking pap and purees along with her formula.

I remember vividly when I took my daughter for her three months immunization, one of the matrons on duty who gave health talks each time we had an appointment, discovered I was bottle-feeding my daughter & she spoke to me in a very mean tone…asking me why I wasn’t breastfeeding her, that i am amongst those mothers who are raising “spoilt” children etc etc…I could go on and on about this but trust me, I wasn’t even interested in explaining my birth story that triggered this outcome because her manner of approach was unwelcoming. I took it all in my stride & smiled at her “outburst”, but I was very embarrased to say the least.

After I got home, trust a mother to worry, I started to google and read up on the side effects of not exclusively breastfeeding your baby…what I was seeing didn’t appeal to me so I stopped. I called my mom to also explain my worries to her and then she told me of a story of a woman who delivered a set of triplets via a csection, as a result of her experience, she couldn’t breastfeed her babies, her doctor advised her to start to give them pap. Fortunately, they accepted it with formula and they were perfectly healthy. This sort of gave me an assurance that my daughter is healthy. Then, I came to the conclusion that as long as I was raising a healthy baby, that is all that mattered.

It is important that before you ridicule a mom for any reason, find out the “why” because each mom has her own experience with motherhood.

How was your breastfeeding journey? Share with us in the comment section below.

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  1. Amumzing

    Some of our Nigerian nurses need to be trained all over again! 😩.
    The most important thing is to ensure baby is healthy.

    What about babies that don’t have mums? Wouldn’t they be bottle fed/formula fed?
    The method of feeding shouldn’t matter.

    Thanks for sharing ma. And well done 👍

  2. Motherhoodwithdf

    Formula feeding is not a death sentence and we need to be supportive of whatever way a mother chooses to feed her child as long as her baby is healthy.
    Breastfeeding is a journey to be learned even though it’s a natural process. AndI wrote a book about breastfeeding Iwill be giving it out for free soon.

    Been about our experiences is Important. It help new mothers learn and help struggling mothers get reassured.

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. adminmomandkid

      Yaaay…I can’t wait to receive mine…mothers especially first time moms need every available resources prior to birth to help widen our knowledge. Thanks for your contribution mama. I appreciate.

  3. Machi

    I can imagine. My experience with my first child was so easy, but my second was a bit challenging… She is the type that eats a lot. Started breastfeeding exclusively for the first two months, and that was so stressful because she was very demanding. Imaging feeding a baby almost every hour… And when the breastmilk is low, she cried as much as her voice could carry her. I had no choice but to add formula to her feeding at month 3.

    1. adminmomandkid

      Oh wow…a baby’s appetite also needs to be taken into consideration…and she’s sooo healthy. Thanks for your contribution mama.

  4. adminmomandkid

    Exactly…do you know my mind didn’t even go to babies who lost their moms??..oh well..sometimes, things happen…You’re welcome mama. Thanks for your contribution.

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