Here is just a “fun” but “honest” compilation I came up with on the A-Z of motherhood with every alphabet connoting almost the exact adjective that can be used to describe a mother & the motherhood journey.

I thought to share with the hope that you’ll sit back and realize that as a mom, you’re doing amazingly well.

A is for ALERT.

Every mom is ALERT. Being ALERT is a full awareness on what’s going on not only around your child’s life & their environment but also what’s going on in your child’s life.
Being ALERT as a mother comes naturally..every mom is ALERT by default. This is why most times, you find out that a mom wouldn’t sleep until her child is sleeping & the moment she hears any sound, she literally jumps up. Every single stage of a child’s life, from their formative years to their teenage years etc, a mom’s ALERT mode is activated.

As a mom, it’s important that you pay attention to everything about your child…from their behavioral pattern, to their changing moods etc.

B is for BOLD.

As a mom, you have to be BOLD!! Being BOLD means that you have to be able to make & take certain decisions- decisions for you ( it could be making a BOLD decision to return to work after you give birth, it could be starting a new business etc)& your child. As a mom, you should also be BOLD enough to be in control of resources that will propel your family to growth.


COMPASSIONATE means to show sympathy or concern towards others. This epitomizes who a mom is! A mom is built to be COMPASSIONATE. As a mom, what kind of COMPASSION do you have? What form do you show COMPASSION? It could be patience towards your children, it could be in showing them encouragement, calmness, etc. I believe and know that COMPASSION should and must be one thing we must give to our children.

D is for DEVOTED

Every mom is DEVOTED to the overall wellbeing of her children and family as a whole.
Motherhood makes you selfless. You find out that you DEVOTE all of your time to your child(ren). You become DEVOTED to teaching them their right from their wrong.

Even though most moms try to strike a balance. You find out that their attention gravitate more toward their children.


I doubt there’s any mom who is not EFFICIENT. In fact, in all areas, a mom is EFFICIENT. Being EFFICIENT is a skill every mom requires to function effectively with maximum rate within a specific time. There’s always a lot to do but yet, you still find out that moms still get to achieve all they set out to do.


Every mom should be FORGIVING…you should be “familiar” or be able to identify your child’s behavioural patterns. As moms, our instincts help us to know how our children will behave or react to a certain situation, irrespective of how it is,u should never nurse resentment towards them but admonish them with love and FORGIVE them.

G is for GOD-LOVER.

Hmmmm…please show me one mom that is not a LOVER OF GOD!! I’m yet to see😁. I’m sure the ones we haven’t seen are just being shy😀😀. Jokes apart, being a mom comes with a lot of challenges and you find out that most moms pray & trust in God to help them navigate through the murky waters that come with parenting. Before birth, we pray, after birth, we pray, when our kids are grown, we pray…we literally pray round the clock because we love God & we trust that He hears us when we pray.

H is for HAPPY.

Every mom, by default is HAPPY. In fact, from the moment she finds out that she’s pregnant, all through pregnancy( sickness or not), till she delivers (even with labor scare), every mom is HAPPY. Oh, not forgetting the joy that radiates all over her when she sees her child. All the accumulated HAPPINESS translates into the love a mom has for her child & it’s that love that lets a mom make sacrifices for her child(ren).


An intuitive person is someone who senses things about people and their surroundings . When a mom is INTUITIVE, it means she has a sixth sense or gut feeling about literally everything that happens around her children. It is the part of the spiritual experience of motherhood.

J is for JUGGLER.

It’s only a mom that can JUGGLE more than one thing at the same time. The beautiful and the funny part of this is that before becoming a mother, you never would have thought that it would be possible. It’s even more “juggling” when you have more than one child or you are a mom of multiples.


Being KIND-HEARTED means to show sympathy, to show care, to show kindness etc. Being KIND- HEARTED is part of motherhood . Every mom shows sympathy, love & kindness to their children & everyone around them.

L is for LOVING.

As a mom, you can’t just help but be LOVING!!! In everything you do as a mom, you literally show LOVE. In raising your kids, you show LOVE, In counseling them, you show LOVE, In correcting/reprimanding them, you show LOVE, even when you’re tired, you still show LOVE & that LOVE extends to everyone around you… “Moming is a verb & that verb is called LOVING”. Lol


Every mom is MAGNIFICENT in her own way. Being MAGNIFICENT means that she is superb, outstanding, noble, elegant, splendid, impressive and everyother “beautiful adjective ” that there is to describe women.

N is for NURTURER.

To NURTURE means to care for & protect someone while they are growing up. Every mom is programmed to nurture their kids, from childhood to adulthood & even beyond. Note that, the way you NURTURE (love & care) for your child determines how your child grows up & how they will eventually parent.

O is for OBSERVER.

Moms are known to be chief observers…lol. A mom can look at you in such a way that you wouldn’t even know that she’s observing you.😃😃. What you can’t even see by yourself, a mom can see it. A mom also observes every stage of her child’s formative stages.

P is for PATIENT.

As a mom, it’s funny to say this, but being PATIENT is not even negotiable. You just have to imbibe that culture of being PATIENT. Your PATIENCE will definitely be tested severally, but we are wired to be PATIENT.

Q is for QUIET.

There’s always this QUIET disposition/aura that surrounds a mother. A mom displays quiet in different forms. This goes beyond being QUIET when her children are asleep. This is more of being QUIET about her children’s dreams while helping them achieve their goals.

R is for RELIABLE.

As a mom, your kids have to be able to rely on you. They should be able to count on you when the need arises.


Moms are mostly SUPPORTIVE of their children. They SUPPORT their children through it all. Through their formative years, down to when they have to make life choices & decisions.

T is for TOLERANT.

As a mom, you have to be TOLERANT. You have to be able to TOLERATE virtually everything that happens.


Moms tend to be very UNDERSTANDING. Most times, being UNDERSTANDING comes to play when your kids start to grow older. They begin to have their own ideas, desires, wants, needs, opinion, etc. When this starts to happen, you are really going to have to be UNDERSTANDING towards their plight.

V is for VALUABLE.

Moms are not just VALUABLE but they are more than VALUABLE.


As moms are WONDERFUL, so is motherhood WONDERFUL. Moms are absolutely WONDERFUL when it comes to raising & caring for their children.

X is for X-FACTOR.

Each mom has a quality that no.matter how much you try to describe it, you wouldn’t just be able to describe it. This makes every mother special and unique in their various ways.

This is also an opportunity for me to say to all mothers…embrace yourself & your imperfections because you’re unique.

Y is for YEARNER.

Despite all the efforts & everything a mom is to her child or does for her child, you still find out that moms still always YEARN for the absolute best for their children.

Z is for ZEALOUS.

To be ZEALOUS is to be enthusiastic or eager. A mom is all of this and more when it comes to her children & everything that has to do with her children.

Does any of these adjectives describe you as a mom?

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